Sound board in black and white4AO RADIO

Crystal Fountain and Producer bringing you fresh artists with a thick following. You want to listen on Wednesday nights to hear the best new locals rappers and musicians.

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COO-beats Radio

Local beats for two hours. Simple and sweet.

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Audio Feedback

The show where we get your audio files and give our expert feedback. We have a tech guy, a producer, and a singer/musician critique and help artists with their submissions. The best move on to the next round, with a cash prize given each month.

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Have you ever wished there was a radio station that played your local favorites all day long? Or have you ever wanted to hear yourself on the radio? This is what we are here for. We are a local online radio station that is dedicated to playing only local artists and producers, AND we are here to get you or your friend or your cousin played on our station. All we need is some info from you and an mp3, and then you can get some airtime. It really is that simple. So, are you up to the challenge?


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