What We’re About


Our Mission Statement

We want to expose the Louisville area to as many local rap and hip-hop artists as possible, while also supporting the artists who make it all possible. Through our internet radio station, we play ONLY local artists and therefore ONLY local artists can get guaranteed airtime, so come listen, chill, and let the beat drop.

Our Story

Our idea was spawned out of loss. A local artist, and friend, named Uncle Cardi, passed away suddenly. So many people never got to hear his dope music, so we decided we had to get it out there. But why stop there? We need to get all the local rappers and artists heard, so began our internet radio station adventure.

We talked to some people we knew and were put in contact with Crystal Fountain from 4AO, who told us that our radio station could really help launch a local rap movement, and maybe even some careers along the way. We all want to put Louisville on the map, and let everybody know it's where the music is at, so join us by submitting a song or by simply spreading the word.

Meet the Team

Currently we are partnering with 4AO, founded and run by Crystal Fountain, but our staff consists of 3 locals. Meet Tony, Sami, and Cuzzin' Coo:


Tony T

Founder & DJ

Tony grew up listening to rap and hip-hop music. He first discovered rap in 1992 on the Box television station. His favorite rapper is Tech9. He is the technical genius behind the radio station magic.


Cuzzin' Coo

DJ, rapper, and producer

Cuzzin' Coo is a local producer and rapper. Today he mainly sticks to creating beats for other artists. You can check his beats out at coobeats.com He is also an admin with the 4AO group and Facebook page.



Local musician, DJ, and CEO

Sami has been belting our songs and writing music since she was a toddler. Her favorite artists include Tupac, Timbaland, and Nicki Minaj. One day she hopes to solve world problems through music.

Next Steps...

Want to submit a song? Find our "Submit A Song" page in our menu and fill out the form with an uploaded song. Want to listen and chill? Press our "Listen" button at the top of page. Want to support us? Make donations here or spread the word and get us some listeners. Any questions? Check out our contact page, drop us a line. We are here for YOU, as both listeners and artists, and we wanna hear what you want.